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While they are planning how to conquer the world, Pol and Zee – aka Sanpol2000 – build their own dimension: a techno farm populated by a community of eclectic characters. Through a series of 3D short videos, we can watch people dancing as if they are part of a shamanic, almost spiritual, ritual. Some of them seem to practice Tai Chi while others do parkour or whatever. It’s like a more colourful Sims with painted digi-bodies. Or maybe they are just aliens who came to Earth with one goal: party hard.

No rules, no boundaries, no limits. Just rhythm and fun. You can find animals too, like pigs, goats, chickens, and cows who look as eccentric as the ravers surrounding them. Sometimes, when they interact with humans, they collide, and the bodies of both sides lose their original shape. They are dissembled like broken toys. Does it symbolize the fragility of human nature? Or is it just a bad trip? We don’t know. The sure thing is that everything about this whole rural universe is oh-so hypnotic.

In some way, Pol and Zee’s creations recall Bosch paintings. Everything looks extremely weird but – at the same time – in the right place. Like the Mexican piñata, the leitmotif of Sanpol2000 animations. There’s harmony in all this chaos. And it makes you want to give up your boring job, get naked and join this bunch of wackos living their best life.

The best part of this project is that Pol and Zee’s idea was born scanning their friends during a video shooting. This means that it’s not just imagination. Somewhere out there, this is really happening. At this point, the question is: did they really set fire to a police car?