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Steam Punks

Childhood pixel memories from the NFT world.

All these retro-futuristic aesthetics brought up a lot of idyllic memories. I will never forget those entire afternoons spent at the arcade squandering my weekly allowance. Even if you were born way after the golden age of arcade gaming, you must have played Street Fighter at least once in your life.

Anyway, this guy from a small northern Italian town has always been fascinated by Steampunk culture which has inspired many videogames, as well as cult movies and cartoons. So, he decided to jump into the NFT universe and to create his personal crew of weirdly cool characters.

Every punk is different from the other, each with a unique personality and style. They all come with eccentric combinations of accessories and features, for example, one is wearing a beer-guzzler helmet, while another one looks a lot like Catwoman. When you visit SteamPunks’ Instagram, it’s kind of like when you go to the hairdresser and browse those hairstyle brochures you can find at the salons.

SteamPunks also recall football (or baseball if you prefer) collectable stickers. You NEED all the players to complete your album. You just want them SO BAD. This is probably why CryptoPunks have become so popular and get more and more expensive. Do you remember that Covid Alien? It was sold in about four minutes for $11.75 million. Back to SteamPunks, they certainly recall those Crypto guys. They could be cousins or something. BUT SteamPunks are way more detailed, accessorized and, let’s say, “contemporary”. 

So, go check the first generation of SteamPunks, hoping the next one gets here soon. And maybe, this time its creator could arrange a wrestling match for us. Just to add to the thrill of the battle we ‘90s kids love so much.