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Susan Kooi

This art explores past, present and future meaning

Susan Kooi’s art is so not contemporary. Except it is.

Susan Kooi’s art doesn’t speak the truth. Except it does. 

This type of duality is at the very essence of each ceramic or textile piece that provocatively plays with time. The Amsterdam-based artist’s present-day-made artworks present as historical objects with relic-like aesthetics and academic backstories. Then, when we find out that the artefact is indeed artefiction, the significance of the object goes into hyperdrive. You know, how contemporary art tends to do.

We are prompted to think beyond the object’s use to how its meaning aggrandises over the years, and thus it becomes a reflection about our era’s constructs of time, value and truth. The question now is if the significance of Susan Kooi’s works will age like a wine (i.e. get more profound and rich over the years). But, that’s something only time can tell us.