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Thami Nabil

Get mystified by ever-morphing landscapes.

Style is everything – but skill should never be overlooked. Inspired by the grain, colors, and stories found in animation and archive videos from the 50’s, 70’s, and 90’s, Thami (@recsoverto) is able to utilize the retro atmosphere in order to express himself in our current moment. Deliberate framing, camera panning, and the way in which his subjects interact and merge with the landscape behind them produce a serene and trippy experience – all while the modern addition of digital illustration allows the artist to elevate his art far beyond the technological constraints his inspirations had access to.

As avant-garde as the scenes may feel, there is a sense of purpose to every aspect: the use of colors, the way in which the shadows move, the unfolding of the scene all come together to construct a narrative and environment. Building off of this, the creative meticulously draws each frame of his animations by hand, creating time-consuming but pristine quality labors of love. Time, money, narration, editing, and colorimetry all contribute to the overall quality of his work – and his masterful technique allows Thami to optimize and develop his work within these constraints.

Regardless, collaboration is an element of his work that helps to alleviate the workload and provides the artist with ample opportunity for creative expansion and evolution. In a recent project animating a music video for The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thami worked closely with Julien Calemard and Hedi Nabil – developing and enriching his work, as well as giving him the necessary support to take on more ambitious projects. The artist has also worked alongside brands such as Nike and Carhartt WIP in order to create promotional pieces – projects which the artist believes broaden his own creativity by expanding the network of creative possibilities in vastly different contexts. A refreshing repurposing of older aesthetics, a piece produced by RECSOVERTO will always speak for itself.

co-director HEDI NABIL