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The Lazy Dog

Art that verges on sorcery.

Jules Durand has magical powers. Conjuring up his own fanciful typography and placing it onto fantastical images, he transports you to another world.


Just take a look at the French graphic designer’s Instagram page, @lazy_dog.ttf. These are more than mere memes. With his medieval fantasy aesthetic, he injects conceptual power into each found image. Scroll through his spellbinding feed, and begin to think of new possibilities, from how the word “the” could look to how the apocalypse will go down.


This thought-provocation is exactly where his talent transcends the typical. In an era where everyone writes, writes, writes on the internet, diminishing the power of words, his typography brings strength back to the keyboard. If he can do that with just a font, he’s got to be a wizard. 🧙