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Western Affair

Discover and love Olivia Pudelkoโ€™s less-is-more approach to more-is-more aesthetics

As maximalist millennials, we want capital-F Fashion, but make it sustainable. Please. Thankfully Olivia Pudelko understands this eco-luxe lust and has channeled her eccentric creative power into the cult accessories brand: Western Affair.


Her green ethos relies on one simple concept: donโ€™t add to the already wild world. So, to bring her artistic vision alive, the Polish-born and London-based designer upcycles deadstock and vintage pieces. For example, her shoes were once bridal heels that never made their way down the aisle. After they get that Pudelko twist, they become anything-but-boring wardrobe staples for those who lead lives as walking fashion editorials.

Hovering between art and fashion, Western Affairโ€™s accessories beg the question: Why not? Why not wear fruffy bubblegum pink shoes to the grocery store? No less, Western Affairโ€™s particular pairs, which are made from the shearling of happy Polish sheep. Why not put some domestic pep in your step with carpet-decorated kitten heels? Or, why not jazz up matchy-matchy business attire with a pair of non-identical shoes made with castoff menโ€™s ties?


It is exactly this โ€œwhy notโ€ freedom from banality that makes each piece intoxicatingly unique. At first glance they may seem like frivolous, just-because buys. But in actuality, these accessories are the key to unlocking the real you. Put on whichever ones suit your fancy, and you can live life to the max without trashing the planet where you do so.